Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Magic User Origins

 The Clever Folk come from many walks of life and learn in many different ways, and are called many different names. Collectively they are feared and respected and beloved and reviled, though attitudes will differ from kingdom to kingdom, hell even village to village.

(If you couldn't tell by the Wikipedia link this is for my pre-Christian pseudo-European setting. Any anachronisms are either intentional or stuff I don't care about. these tables are sort of designed with that "kind" of setting in mind, but you could probably use a slightly reskinned one in any game.)

In terms of rules, I'm trying to keep this system-agnostic, but they are sort of designed with my own magic system in mind. these are things you add onto your magic user characters that provide an additional benefit.

Roll 1d6

  1. You read a scroll and accidentally changed your perception of the world forever. Start with Wizard Vision.
  2. You studied under a learned master. The specifics of your relation to the master are up to you and the referee (antagonistic? understanding? apathetic?), but you start off knowing of them and being able to contact them. They are level 3+1d6, if that ever becomes necessary.
  3. You studied in a guild/college of magic. The total number of students any given year probably weren't higher than a few dozen and the passing rate is fairly low, so you know of a handful other Wizards. You probably have a debt though, which is probably why you adventure.
  4. You are self-taught. Perhaps you were a servant sneakily stealing books from an incompetent noble or you found the ruins of another wizards stronghold and managed to learn the basics from there. Maybe you learned the way the first magic users did, whatever that is. You have a bit of a charm compared to other magic users. The distrust most feel regarding magic users doesn't touch you as much as anyone else.
  5. You were born the seventh child of a seventh child (or the fifth child of a fifth child, or something else equally mystical.) This seems to be a bit of a big deal with certain entities and other magic users.
  6. Someone or something meddled in your birth/conception. Weather you are a failed antichrist, the child of a strange creature or an experiment of some sort, you are distinctly "other" than most. Start with a mutation relevant to whatever it was, and a lingering sense of unease.

This is what i can think of for now. Whatever the final version of this table is will probably be bigger as I pour over different stories and superstitions.

Anyways check out these sick as shit magic users I found while procrastinating actually posting this.

You wish you were this cool. (Can't find the artist and a reverse image search brings up pokemon stuff.) 

Check out his sick as shit armor. Its useless I love it so much. (Adventure Time)

Thats all I found.

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