Monday, August 24, 2020

Esoteric Enterprises Setting Factbook

Mostly just a series of things meant to convey the tone of this setting a bit.

The setting can be succinctly summed up as "Esoteric Enterprises meets BPRD meets Eldritch Americana." If that didn't make much sense, don't worry. Just read through and remember, anything can happen.

Groups of Interest


The Occult Research Bureau is one of the biggest names in the occult world since the industrial revolution. Formed from various disparate occult clubs, organizations, conspiracies and private researchers, ORBs goal is simply to understand how things work. ORB is a public Union of various groups, though it technically has a centralized command, its fairly hands off and more concerned with avoiding conflict among itself.

The Cain to ORBs Able. Focused primarily on defending against, and weaponizing, the occult world. This puts them at odds with the relatively egalitarian Research Bureau. Open warfare is, at least officially, impossible. Bard is funded by many national governments, and sells mercenaries (both human and not) to deal with preternatural threats on larger scales.

The New Acolytes 
Those revivalist cults devoted to "gods" both old and new claim the banner of "The New Acolytes." A collective term for an eclectic mash of cults devoted to various Powers that have made themselves known on Earth.

The Powers
Entities claimed to be "gods" by mortal humans, who have no frame of reference to compare such beings too. All are considered existential threats by all governments, due to their inherent status-quo shattering nature. None are strictly evil or good, as the human notions of morality simply cannot compare to such beings. Some have been here a long time, others are only now taking notice of earth.

National Revivalist Party
A bunch of crusty fascists trying to claw their way out of irrelevancy. Powerful, but slowly decaying. Their death throes may be lethal, however.

Alien entities from the stars or even further afield. Ignorantly cruel. They do not understand the harm that they enact on us, they simply lack the ability to comprehend us, and us them.

Other weirdos and groups exist, but these are the currently thought out ones.

Random Things
Most people know about the paranormal at least tangentially. They treat it a bit like you might treat natural disasters or nuclear science. Something to leave to the specialists and thrill seekers.
Grimoirs and Tomes are just as valuable as a gun or body-armor in terms of how much of an advantage they grant.
Mythology is good for facts about some creatures, and dangerously inaccurate about others.
Only the least powerful spirits are the dead.
Hell is real, and the demons there are evil beyond comprehension, but they are not the only things called "demons."
The Powers have their tendrils winding through almost every crack of the world.

The underground extends deeper into the earth than anyone thinks, into something called the Veins.
The Powers have more agents than just cults.
Earth is a cosmic confluence, which is why so many things arrive from other places.
Earth is a cosmic prison, which is why so many terrible things arrive here.
Earth is a cosmic landfill. Things beyond here are better.
Humans and all human like beings descend from Nephilim, the children of traitor angels.
All magic comes from the Powers.
All Powers are made of magic.
Belief changes reality on a small level, vast beliefs can create Powers.
Powers are responsible for all human thought.

Lost and Old Things

The Doggerland Scrolls (unknown time before 6200 BC)
Scrolls found sealed in an airtight urn. Written in an ancient form of Gaelic. Translations provide fractured summoning rituals meant to call to subterranean Powers.

Lady Crimsons Lost Tome (1877)
The lost work of a notorious Sorceress hailing from a small metalworking town in the Sokoto Caliphate. Dubbed "Lady Crimson" in europe due to her love of red robes and brutal vengeance against would-be attackers. Said to contain primarily protection and retribution spells.

The Tome of Seven Seals (translated in 517 AD)
A series of seven related rituals authored by an unknown individual, translated to latin in 517 AD. Modern editions exist, but are riddled with translation errors.

Cultists Glass
An old dagger formed from volcanic glass. Used by mystics in some rituals. Said to improve ones luck at ritual performance.

Rotten Diary (written 1919)
An old diary written by a mad artist. Contains the spell "Invoke the Blind Ones." A dangerous information spell meant to contact the blind space gods for knowledge of anything that has happened while exposed to the sky. Invites madness, but always accurate if the conditions are met.

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