Saturday, June 13, 2020

Starship Athena (plus some Mothership houserules and a resource)

Lore Bit
The Starship Athena is the Crown Jewel of humanity at the moment. The three major factions of humanity (the Feudal Nobility, The Corporate Coalition and the Galactic Union) all temporarily put aside their differences to construct this ship.
The ship is an utter behemoth of scientific and exploratory might. It is crewed by 1000 individuals, 100 of which are androids. 40 of these people are actual officers, and 4 of these officers are also androids (so that's 864 standard human crew, 96 androids, 36 officers and 4 android-officers). The ship is designed to be the best of the best overall.
The players are crew members, though likely not officers until higher levels.
(seriously, this thing is utterly ridiculous in an engagement. the players don't have control over it, and likely won't have complete control over it ever but its practically impossible to actually assail from the outside)
(honestly its more of a setting than an actual ship)

Armor: 80%
Shipmind (intellect): 130%
Combat: 110%
Speed: 80%
Hull Points: 7323
Scientific Aid: +40% to scientific and medical procedures.
Jump-Drive: 9
Life Support/Galley Support: 5000 people.
Living Quarters: 40
Barracks: 5100
Cargo: 20000 cargo Units (starts with a mining frigate, 4 cutters and a research vessel as well as 600 extra fuel)
Engines: 200
Minimum Fuel: 600
Consumed per day of normal thrust: 8
Consumed per Hyperspace Jump: 18
10 autocannons (2d10 MDMG, 24 shots before reloading)
3 Mounted Machinegun Turrets (5d10 DMG, 36 shots before reloading)
2 Railguns (1d10+10 MDMG, 12 shots before reloading, cannot be automated) 
2 Rigging guns (1 MDMG, 3 shots before reloading, on a hit it attaches to the target, requiring a speed check to break loose.)
1 Torpedo Cannon (3d10 MDMG, 2 shots before reloading, on a hit the target must roll on the critical hit table even if the hit wasn't critical, provides advantage to target when making armor save)
How much the titan cost: 73 billion 230 million credits

Firstly, fuel used in engines isn't consumed and doesn't take up cargo space. This is because the fuel is compressed into a "core" state and used as a reactor for other things that don't require fuel.
Secondly, for travel times, ships have three thruster states used for interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic travel, which accounts for the discontinuity in time for travel at each scale.
In the Mothership pdf it gives a spreadsheet for travel times based on speed stat and distance type. The time's given are only units. I decided to apply these units of time to units of space.
So an interplanetary unit of space is an AU, an interstellar unit of space is 10000 light years and an intergalactic unit of space is 1 million light years.
That means it takes the Starship Athena 39 hours to go from the sun to pluto, 10 weeks to cross the milky way and 2.5 years to go to the Andromeda galaxy from the milky way.
Cool beans.
Jump drive rules will be explained in another post (probably will be up today. maybe.)

That cool resource
This is a map of the universe at different scales. Its great for space campaigns. I have it bookmarked.

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